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Emergency Dental
There are many circumstances that are considered a dental emergency and require the help of a dentist immediately. We want to provide our patients with enough information to determine if they are having a dental emergency and how they should handle it.

At Bernstein Dental, any patient suffering from a dental emergency is welcome to contact our dentist during business hours and we will fit you into our schedule.

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dental cleaning
General Dentistry
Dr. Richard Bernstein and his staff in Cherry Hill, NJ have been practicing general dentistry for many years and they can help you get and maintain a healthy smile. In order for that to happen, it is important that you schedule regular appointments for checkups and cleanings.

Dr. Bernstein can identify dental problems in their early stages, before they have a chance to take hold and damage your oral health. With regular checkups and cleanings, the chances are very good that you can avoid expensive treatments later on.

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Cosmetic Dentistry
Are you 100% pleased with your smile? Are your teeth perfectly straight and free from chips, cracks or stains? Do you feel that you could not possibly look better or feel more self-confident?

If you have answered, “No,” or even, “Not really,” to any of these questions, Dr. Richard Bernstein in Cherry Hill, NJ can help. He can restore your smile to the way it used to be, or even give you the smile that you have always wanted but never had. A variety of treatments are available and no one ever has to live with a smile that makes them unhappy.

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Restorative Dentistry
Restorative dentistry is anything that is done in order to give back functionality to your mouth. Some restorative treatments (crowns, for example), also have cosmetic benefits, giving you a better smile. However, the main reason for restorative treatments is to ensure that you are able to bite and chew effectively. Restorative dentistry can correct wear, gapping, chipping, crowding and other issues that can make biting and chewing difficult.

Dr. Richard Bernstein has been practicing restorative dentistry in Cherry Hill, NJ for years and he uses the most current technology to restore your mouth to full functionality so that you can enjoy the foods you love and perhaps, also achieve the bonus of a better smile.

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Specialized Treatments
At Dr. Richard Bernstein’s dentist office in Cherry Hill, NJ, we offer not just general dentistry, but other treatments as well that can improve your dental health and even give you a more satisfactory smile. When you visit Dr. Bernstein, you can be assured that any treatment you need can be done on-site, without the need to be referred to a specialist.

Even TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) can be treated – many dentists will have to refer you to a TMD specialist. We also offer treatments that are designed to ease your anxiety and make your dental experience less painful, or even pain-free. Additionally, we promise to be there for you if you have a dental emergency.

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Sometimes it is hard to believe how quickly technology has advanced. Remember needing a computer to browse the Internet? Now you do it on your phone. Oh, and about that phone? Does anyone even remember when you used to have to plug a phone into a wall jack?

Dental technology has also advanced by leaps and bounds. Your grandparents (or maybe even your parents) could tell you horror stories about having to take half a day to have dental treatments done – blurry x-rays that had to be re-taken, restorations that took weeks to come back from the lab and needles the size of a rocket slamming into your gums and palate. If these stories are keeping you from visiting Dr. Richard Bernstein in Cherry Hill, NJ, think again. Modern dentistry has come a long way.

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