Am I a Candidate for Orthodontics?candidate for orthodontics

Are you curious to discover if you, or someone in your family is a candidate for orthodontics? If so, Dr. Richard Bernstein Dentistry in Cherry Hill, NJ has some reliable answers to your questions and concerns.

As your trusted family dentist in Cherry Hill, our team always strives to ensure your family’s teeth and gums are as healthy and attractive as possible. This is why we provide such an extensive array of services, including braces and orthodontics. If you are unaware of it, orthodontics is the area of dentistry that looks at the alignment of the bite (the way that upper and lower teeth meet).

You may hear you are a candidate for orthodontics because of some issue with your bite. For example, you or one of your family members may have overcrowding in your teeth or the opposite, with widely gapped teeth. Your bite could be misaligned by an over or under bite. These issues make you a candidate for orthodontics because a poor bite always leads to problems later.

For example, a misalignment in your bite can cause an issue like TMJ, jaw pain or even uneven wear and tear on the teeth. It can lead to speech issues, chewing problems and even social issues if you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your smile.

How to Learn If You Are a Candidate for Orthodontics

To determine if you require correction through the use of braces or other kinds of treatment, you will have a visit with our orthodontist, and enjoy a comprehensive exam. This exam will look at your bite and determine if you may benefit from one or more of the solutions we make available.

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We can provide cosmetic dentistry remedies such as classic braces, invisible braces and aligners and more. Are you eager to learn more about orthodontics? If so, feel free to give us a call at our Cherry Hill, NJ office at 856-616-9191. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.