Dental Crowns

If you have chipped, worn or otherwiseCEREC damaged teeth, you are probably experiencing problems with your bite and finding it difficult to enjoy the foods you love. You are also undoubtedly feeling self-conscious about your smile. Dental crowns can not only restore functionality to your mouth, they can restore your smile. They are, in short, both a functional and a cosmetic treatment. Crowns are made of porcelain, which is very much like your teeth in terms of color and translucency. In fact, dental porcelain is so much like your natural teeth that unless you want to tell someone that you have had work done, it can be a secret between you and your dentist.

The Procedure

Getting dental crowns is a very easy, painless procedure. When you visit Dr. Richard Bernstein’s dentist office in Cherry Hill, NJ to have dental crowns installed, the first step is to numb your mouth so that you will not experience any pain. Then, any decayed areas are removed from your teeth. Next, impressions are created. At this point, the procedure will differ depending on whether you are having full crowns installed or partial crowns.

With partial crowns, your impressions are sent to a lab where the crowns are manufactured. Then, when they come back from the lab, Dr. Bernstein will do a little fine-tuning, make sure that the crowns are the right color and cement them to your teeth. While you are waiting for your crowns, Dr. Bernstein will provide you with a temporary set so that you will be able to chew properly and not have to feel embarrassed when you smile.

CERECWith full crowns, Dr. Bernstein uses a CEREC® machine, which consists of a camera that takes three-dimensional images of your mouth, computer software and a milling machine that makes the crowns. With the CEREC system, you can actually have your crowns made and installed in a single day.

The Benefits

Dental crowns are amazingly durable – they won’t decay, and provided that you take care of them, you can expect them to last you for a very long time. Crowns need no care other than what you provide your natural teeth – all you have to do is brush and floss, and of course see Dr. Bernstein and his staff regularly for checkups and cleanings. Remember, your crowns are impervious to harm, but you still have to take care of your gums – if you should develop gum disease, your crowns could become compromised.

Crowns look no different from your own teeth. They are every bit as translucent and lustrous and of course they will be colored to match your existing teeth. If you are contemplating crowns as a complete smile makeover as opposed to simply restoring functionality, you can choose to go a few shades lighter. Crowns will also resist staining, so if you have been considering having a whitening treatment done, be sure to let Dr. Bernstein know before your crowns are made – crowns won’t stain, but they also won’t respond to whitening treatments so you will have to have the whitening done before having your crowns made.

Because crowns are anchored permanently to your teeth, they will not slide or slip dental crownsand you will not have to worry about slurring or lisping. Probably the biggest advantage to crowns though, outside of improved functionality, is the boost that they will give to your self-confidence. You will never have to worry about being embarrassed about your smile.

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