dental implants FAQsDental Implants FAQs

Modern dentistry is fairly astonishing, and one of the most impressive technologies to emerge and develop over the decades is dental implants. Patients of Dr. Richard Bernstein Dentistry in Cherry Hill, NJ have access to a dental implants specialist, and these dental implants FAQs are here to help you decide if this is a treatment suited to your needs.

Isn’t implant dentistry very risky?

In the past, and by that we mean many years ago, it was a treatment that did not always promise a successful outcome. Things have changed, and today, patients can enjoy a 98% success rate when they work with a skilled implant dentist.

Is it cosmetic or restorative dentistry?

This is a great question among the dental implants FAQs, and extremely important. As your trusted dentist in Cherry Hill, our team does offer a long list of cosmetic treatments. However, dental implants actually restore your mouth to its fullest function. While you can get implants for cosmetic reasons, most will obtain one or more implants simply to improve their speech, eating and also their appearance.

It is very painful, right?

Here too is a very important issue among dental implants FAQs. Why? Because too many patients avoid this beneficial treatment thinking it is painful. It is, in fact, no more painful than any other treatment – including root canals and fillings. You may have a bit of swelling and soreness following implant treatment, but it is actually less traumatic and difficult than an extraction.

It is incredibly expensive, isn’t it?

The prices for implants (when compared to the alternative treatments and resulting expenses over the years that follow) are incredibly reasonable. Just consider that a single implant will remain in place for the remainder of your life, and never demand further expenses (other than regular exams) again.

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