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Dentures have a lousy and undeserved reputation, and our dentures FAQs are here to help you get some accurate and honest answers. As your trusted family dentist in Cherry Hill, NJ, Dr. Richard Bernstein Dentistry is glad to offer a comprehensive range of treatments, including general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. While many might feel that dentures are cosmetic, filling in for missing teeth, they are actually a very effective form of restorative dentistry.

Let’s consider some dentures FAQs to help explain why:

Aren’t dentures a last resort for those who are missing teeth?

This is a very important issue to address in these dentures FAQs because too many people view dentures in this somewhat negative light. While modern dentistry has some amazing options in restorative dentistry (such as implants) not everyone is a candidate. Bone loss or other issues can disqualify you as a candidate for implants or other treatments, and dentures are then a fantastic and totally workable answer.

Won’t they slip and slide all over the place?

No, modern dentures are carefully molded to your mouth and will be designed to remain snug and comfortable. Because they are restorative, they are made to enable you to speak, eat and look like you have always done, and that means a great fit.

Dentures look unnatural and obvious, don’t they?

That is one of those outdated myths associated with them. Today’s dentures, whether full or partial, can be designed to look just like your natural smile. No one will ever know that your teeth are not your own, and your bite and jaw will be protected and preserved by careful molds and design.

Dentures mean no more dental appointments, right?

Actually, no. You will still need at least one annual visit for a cleaning, oral cancer screening and general checkup on your oral health.

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