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Most people have heard of cosmetic dentistry, but may be a little confused as to what exactly it entails. Basically, it is any single procedure, or combination of two or more procedures, that are done in order to improve your smile.

Sometimes there is a bit of overlap between cosmetic and restorative dentistry – for instance, if you have a crown installed, it will not only repair a damaged tooth, it will also make the tooth look better. Other treatments, like teeth whitening, are purely cosmetic in that they do nothing other than improve your appearance.

There are many cosmetic treatments available to you. Not every dentist provides every treatment. The following are some of the cosmetic procedures that we offer at Dr. Richard Bernstein Dentistry in Cherry Hill, NJ.


If you have a bad bite or misaligned teeth, you may wish to have them straightened. Orthodontics is the use of braces to correct malocclusion. Serious bite defects may require the use of metal braces, but most conditions will respond equally well to Invisalign clear braces. There are a number of benefits to Invisalign, but for cosmetic dentistry purposes the main benefit is that they are practically invisible.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are shells made of dental porcelain that are used to cover the front of your teeth. They can be made the same shade as your natural teeth, or you can go several shades whiter if you prefer. They hide minor dental imperfections like stains, gaps, chips and misalignment. Because they do not cover the entirety of your teeth, they are more cost-effective than dental crowns as a cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are straight and free of damage, a teeth whitening can be sufficient to give you the smile you want. Professional whitening from your dentist is vastly superior to the over-the-counter solutions you see advertised on television and in magazines. Essentially, it’s the difference between a shade or two of whitening (if that) and several shades.

Dental Implants

The ultimate cosmetic dental treatment is dental implants. This involves replacing the roots of your teeth with titanium screws that are used to support crowns. You may only need a few implants to give you a great mile, or you could go with a full set of implants and crowns. As you might expect, implants are also a functional restoration.

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