Specialized Treatments

At Dr. Richard Bernstein’s dentist office in Cherry Hill, NJ, we offer not just general dentistry, but other treatments as well that can improve your dental health and even give you a more satisfactory smile. When you visit Dr. Bernstein, you can be assured that any treatment you need can be done on-site, without the need to be referred to a specialist. Even TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) can be treated – many dentists will have to refer you to a TMD specialist. We also offer treatments that are designed to ease your anxiety and make your dental experience less painful, or even pain-free. Additionally, we promise to be there for you if you have a dental emergency.

dental emergencyDental Emergencies

A dental emergency is something that you did not plan for, that causes you pain or severely impairs the functionality of your mouth. A lost filling, for example, is not usually an emergency. A broken tooth, if it is causing pain or scraping against your tongue or the inside of your mouth, on the other hand, is an emergency. If you have sustained trauma to your mouth and teeth have been knocked out, that is indisputably an emergency.

Simply stated, sometimes bad things happen to good people. And when those bad things relate to your teeth, you can count on Dr. Richard Bernstein and his staff to look after you. If you have an emergency during normal business hours, call us right away and we will fit you in. If the emergency occurs outside business hours, leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible and make sure that you are looked after.


TMJIf you feel popping or cracking in your jaw, or if sometimes your jaw locks into one position, you have neck pain or headaches, you could have TMD (temporomandibular disorder). Sometimes, you might even have symptoms that appear to be totally unrelated, like numbness in your arms or fingers, or ringing in your ears. Some patients (and even some dentists) refer to the problem as TMJ, but that is actually incorrect. TMJ is an acronym for “temporomandibular joint.” TMD refers to the disorder. However you choose to refer to it, though, it can be painful.

You need a solution, and Dr. Richard Bernstein can help. He has been treating TMJ patients in Cherry Hill, NJ for many years and can offer a course of treatment. Often, all you need is a night guard to stop you from grinding your teeth while you sleep. In rare instances, surgery may be warranted. Either way, you do not have to suffer. Call Dr. Bernstein for a consultation.

Sedation Dentistry

If you asked a group of ten people what they feared most, you would probably get answers like “flying,” “heights,” “spiders” and so on. It is also a safe bet that at least one person out of those ten would say “the dentist.” Truthfully, Dr. Bernstein is anything but scary. However, he realizes that some people are dental-phobic. There is a way around it! If you are afraid of dental treatment, sedation dentistry could be an option.

There are misconceptions surrounding sedation dentistry. Often, people think that it means that they will be placed under a general anesthetic while undergoing treatment – this is not true. Dr. Bernstein uses nitrous oxide for extremely apprehensive patients. You may know it by its more common name, “laughing gas.” This is actually a misnomer – you won’t be laughing, or even giggling, during treatment. You will just feel very, very relaxed. You might not even remember the treatment once you are finished. So if you are afraid to visit Dr. Bernstein, stop worrying. There is a solution that provides many benefits.

All-On-4 Implants

At Bernstein Dental, we offer our patients the option of getting the All-on Four dental implant restoration system for patients who want a more permanent solution than dentures but cannot afford the cost of a porcelain bridge implant system. Generally, the All-on Four implant restoration system is half the cost of a porcelain bridge and implant restoration. All-on Four implants consist of 4 titanium screws placed in either the upper or lower jaw (or both if you are doing your entire mouth). The implant works as an anchor to connect to your new dental restorations. To be a candidate for All-on Four implants, you will need to have adequate bone mass in your jaw to ensure the implants stay put. You may need a bone graft to create enough bone mass in your jaw for the implants to be placed. There are many benefits of getting All-on Four dental implants, including the preservation of bone mass in your jaw, an increase in comfort, improved self-confidence, no need for adhesives, and an improved diet. With All-on Four implants, you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of dentures by watching what you eat and fearing that they will fall out. Your teeth will be secured in your mouth and look completely natural giving you the ability to chew with the force of the natural teeth you once had. Upgrade your dentures to All-on Four implants restorations for a more confident smile.

Implant Supported Overdentures

At Bernstein Dental in Cherry Hill, NJ, we offer a wide selection of denture options. We know our patients deserve the best, which is why we can provide Implant Supported Overdentures that use the Locator System. The Locator System allows for narrow diameter and nonparallel implants to be placed. This procedure works for patients who suffer from narrow ridges and severe resorption which would normally require bone grafting prior to placing the implants. This solution is also ideal for patient’s who want an effective and cost efficient way of securing their dentures. This procedure requires fewer implants and is therefore less invasive. It has been found to be very effective in retaining patients dentures without the need for adhesive even if the patient lacks bone support. If you would like your dentures to feel more secure, contact our office to learn more about implant supported overdentures.

Equipoise Dentures

Equipoise means perfect balance which is a great name because Equipoise partial dentures will provide your mouth with equal distribution of chewing forces among several supporting teeth. These forces are directed vertically on each tooth so that the partial will never loosen your teeth. Normally partial dentures are not aesthetic and can stand out. Equipoise partial dentures blend in with the rest of your mouth because there are no visible metal clasps. The procedure for Equipoise partial dentures is relatively simple. Dr. Bernstein will make slight modifications to your teeth and then take impressions of your mouth and send them to the lab. Once your partials return from the lab, Dr. Bernstein will ensure that your new teeth blend with your natural teeth and they fit perfectly. Most patients report that it is very comfortable chewing with Equipoise partial dentures. Equipoise partial dentures will keep you from feeling self-conscious about your missing teeth and will allow you to smile confidently in public.

Laser Dentistry

Perhaps you have heard of laser dentistry. Today, many procedures that once required the use of sharp instruments are actually conducted using lasers. Dr. Richard Bernstein uses lasers for a variety of soft tissue procedures. As an example, periodontal issues that once required the use of manual instruments can now be dealt with using lasers. Where a dentist once had to dig into your gums to remove plaque and tartar, gum disease can now be treated with little cutting.

Laser dentistry is a great benefit for apprehensive patients who are troubled by the idea of dental instruments and it is also virtually pain-free. laser dentistryThis makes it an ideal way of treating children’s dental issues as well. Children are often very apprehensive in the dentist office, so anything that makes them more comfortable is desirable. In short, laser dentistry is becoming very common, is very effective and is available from Dr. Bernstein.

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If you would like to learn more about specialized dental treatments, contact Dr. Richard Bernstein at 856-616-9191. His office is located at 1401 Marlton Pike W, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002. New patients are welcome and Dr. Bernstein and his staff would welcome an opportunity to show you around the office so you can see first-hand how modern dental technology can work for you.