Laser Dentistry Overviewlaser dentistry

What is laser dentistry, and how can it help your dental health? With laser technology, your dentist in Cherry Hill can essentially eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with numerous dental procedures. Let’s walk through a few ways that a laser dentist can make your next dental visit less stressful and more comfortable.

Pain-Free Laser Dentistry with Less Anesthesia

First, laser dentistry eliminates the friction, pressure, and vibration that you feel when your dentist has to use a drill on your teeth. These factors account for most of the pain associated with drilling into hard tissue or cutting soft tissue (gums). By using lasers for these procedures, we will not have to use nearly as much anesthesia. Thus, you can have pain-free dental procedures without dealing with a numb mouth for the rest of the day.

More Precise Procedures

Laser dentistry also allows us to make more accurate cuts. With a laser, we can cut out damaged and decayed hard and soft tissue while leaving more of the healthy tissue alone. Thus, when repairing cavities with a laser, we can avoid taking away your natural tooth enamel unnecessarily, thereby extending the life of your tooth.

Laser Dentistry Can Prevent Bleeding

When performing dental surgery on gum tissue, lasers cause far less bleeding and trauma to the tissue. This means that you will experience less pain or discomfort after any gum treatment. Furthermore, the healing time for laser dental procedures in Cherry Hill is faster and smoother than traditional procedures.

Less Trauma to Your Teeth

The vibrations associated with drilling can cause tiny fractures to appear in your teeth. Thus, if you have a tooth that’s had several fillings, it could be subject to further damage down the road. This can lead to the need for an expensive crown and/or root canal therapy. Laser dentistry poses a far smaller risk to your natural teeth.

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