Sometimes it is hard to believe how quickly technology has advanced. Remember needing a computer to browse the Internet? Now you do it on your phone.  Oh, and about that phone? Does anyone even remember when you used to have to plug a phone into a wall jack?

Dental technology has also advanced by leaps and bounds. Your grandparents (or maybe even your parents) could tell you horror stories about having to take half a day to have dental treatments done – blurry x-rays that had to be re-taken, restorations that took weeks to come back from the lab and needles the size of a rocket slamming into your gums and palate. If these stories are keeping you from visiting Dr. Richard Bernstein in Cherry Hill, NJ, think again. Modern dentistry has come a long way.

Acteon® Intra-oral Camera

With the Intra Oral Camera from Acteon, Dr. Bernstein can more easily detect cavities, decay, plaque, and even damaged fillings. This Intra Oral Camera also detects cavities by emitting a light which makes cavities glow green. The Acteon Intra Oral Camera takes images that are magnified 25x in a high resolution. These images not only help Dr. Bernstein see what is going on in your mouth, but they can be sent to your insurance company as proof that a procedure is necessary. The camera will help Dr. Bernstein provide the best treatment option possible and will help him detect problems before they persist. The Intra Oral Camera will provide you with an accurate image of your current dental health without missing things a regular x-ray might miss. No cavity will go unnoticed with the help of the Acteon Intra Oral Camera.

DIAGNOdent® Laser Cavity Detection

Tooth decay often happens quickly and progresses just as fast. Often, it starts in just one tooth and moves rapidly to adjacent teeth. Early diagnosis is your best protection against invasive decay, and even if you are vigilant about your dental hygiene and examine your teeth regularly at home, you might not detect early decay. With the DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection system, Dr. Richard Bernstein can identify decay before it is even visible to the naked eye.

Often, cavities do not show up even on x-rays, but DIAGNOdent misses nothing. This means that Dr. Bernstein can find cavities as soon as they start to develop, and what could end up being a huge reconstruction, or even an extraction, amounts to nothing more than a small filling that is treated before it causes significant damage. DIAGNOdent is just one other tool in Dr. Bernstein’s high-tech tool box that helps to ensure your oral health.


CEREC® technology is an amazing advance when it comes to dental technology. Restorations that used to take weeks now only require a day, or two at most. In the “bad old days” of dentistry, if you needed porcelain veneers or crowns, you would have to book an appointment with your dentist, sit in a chair while you bit into trays full of nasty, gummy stuff that was needed in order to take impressions of your teeth and then wait what seemed like an eternity for your restorations to come back from the lab. You had to wait for a master ceramicist to manufacture your veneers or crowns, and once your dentist got them back from the lab, you would need another appointment to have them fitted and installed. In order to restore an implant after it’s been placed, it usually takes two weeks to have a custom abutment and crown fabricated, however, with the CEREC system, it is possible to restore an implant with a custom abutment and a crown in a single day.

With the CEREC® system, Dr. Bernstein uses a special camera to take pictures of your mouth and then sends them to a computer that makes images of your restorations. Those images are then sent to the CEREC® milling machine, which makes your restorations. You can actually have your restorations done in just one day.


Our latest piece of dental technology allows our dentists to take sharp 3D images of patient’s mouths in a matter of seconds. The ORTHOPHOS SL has secure patient positioning to take the perfect image every time, eliminating any excess time spent in our office. This x-ray machine delivers the lowest amount of radiation possible, keeping both the patient and dental staff safe. The ORTHOPHOS SL provides your dentist with a complete high resolution 3D image of your mouth to help diagnose problems sooner and plan treatments better. The technology can be used for not only for taking x-rays, but for diagnosing endodontic issues, airway analysis or for dental implant planning.

Digital X-Rays

Having dental x-rays taken used to take a lot of time. You had to sit in the dentist chair, have a huge thing pushed into your mouth and then sit there waiting while the films were developed. If the image came out blurry, you had to do it all again. And possibly again. Needless to say, this used to lead to a lot of frustration on the part of dental patients and even dentists. It was not all that unusual for patients to say, “Look, I can’t afford any more x-rays. Just do what you have to do and no more pictures!”

x-raysOf course that meant that dentists did not always get the images they needed and patients did not always get the best possible treatment. Today, dental x-rays are digital. Dr. Bernstein uses the Schick system by Sirona®. The sensor is the same size as traditional x-ray film and Dr. Bernstein will get a fully accurate picture of what is happening in your mouth. You can even see the images on the overhead TV. Simply stated, you get better, more accurate, less expensive treatment.

STA System

STA (single tooth anesthesia) is a way of giving you dental anesthesia only to the tooth that needs treatment. There are no gigantic needles, there is no “hit and miss,” and you will not have to worry about numbness throughout your entire mouth. Best of all, you will not have to deal with ages spent sitting in the dentist chair, only to have the dentist come back and ask you, “Do you think you’re numbed up enough?” How are you supposed to know? Numb is numb. You’ll find out when he starts drilling.

With STA, only the areas that need to be numbed receive the anesthesia. It is predictable and highly effective.

What does this mean to you as a patient? Well, first of all you will not have to worry about biting your tongue or your lip when you leave the dentist office. You also won’t have to fear pouring hot beverages down your neck following treatment. And you won’t have to worry about discomfort from multiple injection sites. It is simple – one shot. One numbed tooth. Nothing more.


In the past, when you had a cavity filled, you would have to wait for a long time before you could even think about eating or consuming hot or cold beverages. This is because your filling needed time to settle, harden and bond effectively to your tooth. With modern dental technology, however, you can be in the chair, have your filling done using tooth colored amalgam and be out of the chair in practically no time. Your filling still needs time to cure though.

Dr. Richard Bernstein uses the FlashMax light which uses four watts of power to facilitate faster and deeper hardening of your tooth-colored fillings. This light takes only three seconds for FlashMax to cure your filling where most other lights are under two watts and take 10-20 seconds. This results in a harder filling which is less likely to break.

Odyssey Diode Soft Tissue Laser by Ivoclar Vivadent®

The Odyssey Diode Soft Tissue Laser is a laser that is used on soft tissue procedures in place of old traditional methods. There are many benefits to using lasers over old methods of dentistry. The Odyssey Diode Soft Tissue Laser has proven to reduce bleeding, reduce bacteria, and improve gum health. Patients also experience a more painless, quiet, and faster healing procedure. Patients who struggle with dental anxiety find it to be more relaxing due to the small amount of noise it produces.

The Odyssey Diode Soft Tissue Laser is also very effective when it comes to treating gum disease. It reduces bacteria and cleans it out where it builds up in the pockets under the gum line. It can easily remove inflamed tissue, and reduce bleeding. The Odyssey Diode Soft Tissue Laser is yet another example of the ways that Dr. Bernstein brings the best in modern technology to you so that you can enjoy the best possible dental health.

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